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Living in a Memory: The Power of Trying Something New

There's a certain magic to reliving a cherished memory. Whether it's a trip with friends or a triumphant moment of personal accomplishment, reminiscing on these experiences can provide a sense of pride and inspiration for the future.

What's really hit me lately is the idea of knowing the moment you're in will become a major memory, recognizing that the season of life will be transformational.

On this episode of Paddle Sports Lifestyle, I look back on my entry into endurance sports, and recount some of the highlights from my first summer of triathlon. In many ways, my adventure into kayaking is similar. EXCEPT, this time, I'm fully aware that this moment will become a memory, and I've savoring every second of it.

(listen to "Living in a Memory" below)

Kayak Transport Issue SOLVED!!

Now that my kayak transport issues have been addressed, I'm able to fully immerse myself into the world of kayaking and embrace all the challenges and triumphs that come with it.

And, I am having a BLAST!

Because I know I’m living in a moment that will become a memory right now - I’m making a point to enjoy the journey. Crossing that finish line in August will be AMAZING. It will be a huge accomplishment. But nothing in life is about the destination.

Fulfillment Comes From Appreciating the Journey

Finish lines are cool. Achievements feel incredible. But we will feel more fulfilled when we learn to appreciate the journey, to relish the baby steps, to savor all the tiny achievements and feelings and friendships that change us along the way.

Taking on something new changes who you are.

You become more resilient. In the case of something like the MR340 - or a new hobby that causes you to really think and learn new things - you become more resilient and more confident. Every struggle is an opportunity to problem solve, to find a way to overcome the situation. And over time, you add up enough of these little achievements, and you start to feel pretty bad ass… and that carries over into your entire life.

You get physically and mentally stronger. Wow oh wow, is my back feeling all this paddling!! By the end of the summer, I pretty sure I'll have those abs back too!!

You make new friends. The people I’ve met kayaking so far are some of the kindest, most generous people I’ve met. Everyone wants to share their knowledge, and you can always find someone to join you on the water if you’re connected with a paddling club.

Your world becomes bigger as you realize the possibilities are greater than you initially thought. I was sitting with a group Wednesday afternoon. After our paddle session, we went to Martin City Brewery for a bite to eat. People were swapping stories about all their kayaking adventures. Kayaking with manatees, navigating rapids, kayak camping… none of these are things I thought of when I watched that MR340 documentary. But now they are on my radar. I'm so excited about how much I’ll learn and experience as I decide to take my kayak on other types of adventures!

Plus, it's good exercise, great stress relief, and a way to HAVE FUN! And we all need more of each of these things in our lives!!

More On Being Present

When we're fully present, we're able to more fully engage with the world around us, and also appreciate all the small, but significant, moments that might otherwise pass us by. By taking the time to reflect on these moments, we're able to cultivate a more positive mindset and outlook on life, which can help us to build a life that's rich in joy, accomplishment, and fulfillment.

By recognizing the significance of each moment, we're able to make more intentional choices about how we spend our time and energy, leading to greater personal growth, a stronger sense of purpose or direction, and a greater sense of satisfaction with the life we're living.

It's About Being Fully Alive

Ultimately, living in a memory is about being fully alive, fully engaged, and fully present in our own lives. It's about opening ourselves up to the beauty of the world around us, and about finding meaning and purpose in even the most ordinary or mundane moments.

Make your life an epic adventure! See you on the water!



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