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Graphic is a beige wave with various colors of teal, representing a beach and water. Text overlay: GEAR

My Favorite Paddling and Camping Gear

I'm adding to these collections as I find new things I love. Check back often to see what's new. Many of these items will be an affiliate link, which means I get a few coins when you buy via my link. I'm only sharing items I love, and purchasing through my link never costs you more!

Image showing kayaking splash pants and jacket, waterproof socks, and  paddle shoes. Text overlay: Early Spring Paddling Clothes I Love

Spring Clothing

Early Spring Paddling Clothes I Love

If you want to be in the water in cooler weather, you'll need a few accessories to stay warm!

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TEXT OVERLAY: As mentioned on the Paddle Sports Lifestyle podcast. Image shows the Paddle Sports Lifestyle logo, which is a kayak sitting on water, approaching a beach

From the


Items mentioned on the Paddle Sports Lifestyle Pod

Some of the camping and kayak items I've mentioned on the podcast.

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IMAGE: Camping tent on a teal background. Text overlay: Camping Gear


Camping Gear

I never would have guessed that kayaking would get me into camping! Here are some of the items I've found!

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