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Image is a beige background with a variety of teal colored swirls representing the beach and a body of water. Text overlay: Paddle Sports Lifestyle Podcast

Paddle Sports Lifestyle Podcast

Trailer - How I got myself into this mess

This podcast follows host, Kim Peek, as she prepares for the MR340, a multi-day, 340 mile paddle race along the Missouri River. As a complete newbie, Kim is training for this daunting adventure that only the experienced dare to tackle. 

Knowing she has a lot to learn in a short amount of time, Kim shares how she got herself "into this mess," and  lets listeners know what to expect in coming episodes. Listen

IMAGE: Orange kayak and paddle sitting on sand with bow facing the water

Episode 2 - Feeling Empowered with the Yakima Showdown Roof Rack System

If you're going to buy a kayak, and want to use it often, you need confidence that you can easily transport the kayak. The harder it is, the less likely you'll get on the water. Kim shares more stories from Canoecopia and explains how she decided on the Yakima Showdown Roof Rack system. 

At 5' tall, it's important to have a system that makes it simple to lift the kayak to load it onto her vehicle. Listen 

Kim Peek in front of her Jeep with her red kayak loaded onto the Yakima Showdown roof rack

Episode 4- Building Your Kayaking Gear Collection: Must Have Items

Today, we're discussing all things kayaking gear. Kim has taken a considerable leap into the world of kayaking, having secured a kayak, a paddle, and a roof rack system for easy hauling.  

Now, we shift our focus onto building the perfect collection of kayaking gear. We'll dive into the must-have items for cold water paddling and safety, exploring hypothermia and self-rescue. We also discuss kayak camping and more.

Don't miss out on the fun and adventure that awaits! Listen

IMAGE: female paddler in a yellow kayak, holding her paddle horizontally above her head. On the water on a sunny day.

Anything you want to get better at requires learning new skills. There is a huge sense of satisfaction that comes from working through a problem and learning a new skill. Listen

Kansas City Skyline-law Point

Episode 1 - A Quest for the Ultimate MR340 Kayak: Taking a Road Trip

Finding the right kayak has been the most overwhelming part of Kim's early kayaking adventures. In this episode, she talks about her trip to Canoecopia in early March, the benefits of joining your local paddling club, the benefits of sitting in kayaks and seeing how they feel, the difficulties finding a kayak locally, and more. Listen

Image of an open highway with blue skies on the horizon

Episode 3 - Kayak Load-In: The Struggles and Triumphs of a Rookie Paddler

It's time to pick up the new kayak! There's nothing like the anticipation of birthday presents, and picking up the kayak on Kim's birthday feels like the beginning of a new chapter.

This episode reminds us that adventures come with struggles and that's part of the process. Listen as Kim continues to document her journey from rookie paddler to river racer. Listen

IMAGE: Red kayak loaded on roof rack with a variety of stools and boxes alongside the vehicle, showing the struggles of loading the kayak on the vehicle when height challenged

Episode 5 - Living in a Memory: The Power of Trying Something New

What's really hit me lately is the idea of knowing the moment you're in will become a major memory, recognizing that the season of life will be transformational. Listen

IMAGE: Orange kayak with yellow paddle in a narrow marshy portion of lake
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